Our Staff

Our staff consists of more than three teachers and one assistant with experience in early childhood care.

At the S.K. Patel Kinder Garten English Medium School, we tried several ways of bringing a little joy to the less privileged members of our society, as part of our SEWA endeavors. Including families, pupils, and people from different walks of life have attended the ‘Fun for Cause’ carnival organized by our Kindergarten.

  • We tried several ways of bringing a little joy
  • To the less privileged members of our society
  • Endeavors. Including families


Ms. Deepali Joshi
Mrs. Bakula Parmar
Supervisor B.Sc.
Mrs. Bandana Tiwari
Supervisor B.A. (Hons)
Jagruti A Patel
Teacher B.Com
Namrta C Shukla
Teacher B.A
Hetal H Patel
Teacher M.Com
Mrs. Chetna Vaishnav
Teacher H.S.C.
Mrs. Sonal Dave
Teacher B.Com.
Mrs. Anita Patel
Teacher B.Com.
Desai Rupal P.
Teacher B.A. (with Home Science)
Mrs. Rekha Parmar
Teacher A.T.D.
Mrs. Manisha Maraiya
Teacher B.A.
Tejal Patel
Teacher B.A
Jigna Desai
Teacher B.Com
Darji Nimisha J.
Teacher B.A.
Barot Nutan B.
Teacher B.A.
Darshanbhai Soni
Ground Staff
Gangaben B Chauhan
Ground Staff
Ground Staff